What To Expect



You come into the office wearing your make up the way you’ve gotten used to enhancing your features. I take a look and discuss a few ideas I’d like to try. Then your make up is cleansed off the area.  I begin to draw a few different ideas, ideas that open up the area and complement the bone structure and of course follow your natural lines and features. I’ll draw many different ideas and shapes, Ideas you wouldn’t have been able to apply yourself, or if you could apply, it begins to smear within the first few hours.

I draw with conventional make up until the desired shape is perfected. That shape is kept on as my stencil I then follow it with the permanent cosmetic pigment.

For the EYEBROWS I  use 2-3 different pigment colors, applying with a hair stroke technique. This gives the eyebrows a very soft natural “hairy” look!
Your eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face!
Talk About An Instant Facelift!

The EYELINER can be done a multitude of ways: soft and smudgy, tight and defined, thick or thin, dark or light, the top can be thicker than the bottom, the bottom can be just halfway across. The options are endless! Your eyes are often the first thing people see. Make them pop! This procedure is amazing for a woman of any age!

The  LIP SHAPING/COLOR can be done a variety of ways:  just as a liner or as a full coat of color, or to make the result even more interesting you can have a darker outer edge blending into a full coat of lighter color.
The lip liner/full lip color can be blended or severe, naturally nude or dramatic. The best part is that the lip size can be  enhanced just by going on the outer edge of the Vermilion border.
The mouth area is one of the quickest areas on our face to age, our lips begin to lose color, shape and fullness before other features. Having lip shape and color is extremely youthful which is why we apply our lip color multiple times a day!

Permanent Cosmetics lasts 1-10 years. To keep your make-up looking fresh it will require maintenance. All light density colors fade the quickest, usually 1-3 yrs. Medium to dark density colors last 3-5 yrs.

All procedures are done in a clinical environment within a medical office. Rest assured with with my medical background I would never compromise sterility. Everything I use is sterile, one time use and discarded properly. Although relatively painless procedure, use of topical anesthetics or local anesthetics are used for your comfort .


Still a bit nervous? Come meet me! You will leave the consultation armed with all the information you need to make a decision. The cost of the procedure should not be the most important issue when consulting a potential technician, since the procedure you are contemplating will be permanent on your face! Some of the important factors to consider are the experience, skill, expertise and artistic ability!

I tell my clients all the time:
“You can save money on a weekend away, or a meal, or an outfit, but do not price-shop a permanent procedure on your face!!”

I have consulted with potential clients who have had their permanent cosmetics applied by someone who did not apply it properly. In most cases, there is nothing that can be done to correct the problem.

When permanent cosmetics are applied correctly it is the icing on the cake!!

I look forward to meeting you.